Brazil: Drought - May 2012

REDLAC Weekly Note on Emergencies Latin America & the Caribbean - Year 5 – Volume 257


  • • PERU: Authorities extend the state of emergency for 60 days in the departments of Piura and La Libertad.
  • • BRAZIL: More than 70,000 families affected in the state of Amazon by heavy rains.
  • • BRAZIL: Government allocates US$1.4 million to aid people affected by drought.

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Violence in Mexico and Brazil: How droughts play a role

No one will claim the recent massacre in Mexico was caused by a drought, but water shortages in the north of both Mexico and Brazil are aggravating already difficult situations, writes a blogger.

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Worst drought in 50 years takes toll in northern Brazil

Agence France Presse reports over 1,100 towns in the Northeast of Brazil are subject to the worst drought in 50 years. Read More